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Jelqing Exercise to Enlarge your Penis


A big penis is still associated with the greater masculinity for men. Nowadays, there’re various methods to get the larger size. Some people choose to take the natural ways; the others pick the medical treatments. Both natural and non-natural ways can be useful based on your personal condition. One of the famous way to enhance your penis naturally is by doing jelqing exercise. In this article, I’ll give you some tips that will naturally enlarge your penis.

Jelqing overview

Jelqing is the natural penis enlargement exercise that is created to enhance your penis length. It has been proven to be an efficient method for hundreds of years. Jelqing has gained much popularity for its easiness and effectiveness. This exercise consists of 3 simple phases that can be done easily by anyone. So, here are 3 steps to do jelqing.

Warming up Phase


In this step, you just need the hot water and towel. First, you should find the hot water. Then you can wet towel this warm water. You should remember that this warm or hot water will not make you burned. Then, you need to make your penis erect.  Wrap your manhood with the towel for 15 minutes.

Do the jelqing phase


In this stage, you need the lubricant. First, you should apply the proper amount of the lubricant to your penis. Before you use the lube, you need to make sure that your organ is semi erected. In the foundation of your penis length, you may press your manhood after that. You can indeed begin to slip your palm progressively towards the penis’ corona. You need to do that actually gradually using the move about 2-3 seconds. You have to ensure that you are feeling confident with this exercise. You shouldn’t drive it, and you will end anytime to it. This motion can be repeated by you for around 50 times.

Warming cycle down

This is actually jelqing’s last action. After performing some actions, you have to invest your manhood to warm-down such that it may recover itself. This task can also be efficient to avoid you from accidents. You’ll need the hot water and towel, similar to the warming-up action. You can begin to create your towel comfortable using the heated water. You can certainly cover your manhood with the hot towel. You are able to maintain it covered for minutes. You need to create yourself relax for this task.

Premature ejaculation

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Home Remedies For Breast Enhancement

I am going to tell you two simple and safe ways to enlarge your breast.


If you do not want to go out and buy an expensive bra, just take a sock or something, take some tissues and just roughly crumple them up and stick them underneath your bra.  Once you have already put your bra on, just lift up the bottom and stick some tissue right underneath your bra. This is going to push your breast up in the bra that you are already wearing, and it is going to give you an illusion  of bigger breasts. But if you decide to do something like that, make sure that you get a bra which is one cup size bigger than yours, so they actually have enough room to fit all that tissue in there. It sounds really ridiculous, but it is an easy way to do it. And if you have lots of kitchen towels, go wild and see what it look like.


Another easy way to enlarge you breast for real. You have to go to your doctor obviously, and you can get on birth control pills. A birth control pills will typically make your breasts a little bit bigger. It does make it bigger for a lot of people. So you are going to increase your breast size probably like a cup or two cups even. You can go on something like that, and it is going to temporarily increase your breast size and once you go off it, your breast go back to their normal size. But it is something that you can look into. I think if you are a teenager, you don’t really want to tell your parents that you want to go on birth control pills because there are women who go on birth control pills who don’t even have sex, they are still virgin. They do it to regulate their periods.