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Home Remedies For Breast Enhancement

I am going to tell you two simple and safe ways to enlarge your breast.


If you do not want to go out and buy an expensive bra, just take a sock or something, take some tissues and just roughly crumple them up and stick them underneath your bra.  Once you have already put your bra on, just lift up the bottom and stick some tissue right underneath your bra. This is going to push your breast up in the bra that you are already wearing, and it is going to give you an illusion  of bigger breasts. But if you decide to do something like that, make sure that you get a bra which is one cup size bigger than yours, so they actually have enough room to fit all that tissue in there. It sounds really ridiculous, but it is an easy way to do it. And if you have lots of kitchen towels, go wild and see what it look like.


Another easy way to enlarge you breast for real. You have to go to your doctor obviously, and you can get on birth control pills. A birth control pills will typically make your breasts a little bit bigger. It does make it bigger for a lot of people. So you are going to increase your breast size probably like a cup or two cups even. You can go on something like that, and it is going to temporarily increase your breast size and once you go off it, your breast go back to their normal size. But it is something that you can look into. I think if you are a teenager, you don’t really want to tell your parents that you want to go on birth control pills because there are women who go on birth control pills who don’t even have sex, they are still virgin. They do it to regulate their periods.