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How to Improve Your Sexual Health

There are many methods to enhance your sexual health. For instance:

Get physical

  • If you are a man, hug

Yes. If we are talking about pleasure, it has been found that guys need to hug more than ladies. According to one research, men who kiss and hug frequently with their partner are much happier compared to men who did them infrequently.

  • Exercise

That’s correct. You should exercise regularly. It does not only help you to stay fit; it can also enhance your sexual life significantly. It was discovered that men who exercise, have better performance in bed than those who not. They also spend more time on the sexual activity. Workouts improve blood circulation in the penile area, and it is very good. It decreases the chances for erectile dysfunction.

Resolving health concerns

  • De-stress

If you are stressed, try to de-stress. Finance worries come high on the list of stresses that may damage your sex life. In a 2011 study of couples, it was found that anxiety over finance, added to the stress of juggling jobs and children as well as increased working hours as reasons for having less number of sex. Balancing your funding and priorities, it can boost your sex life.

  • Avoid self-medication

That’s right. It is not wise to consume pills, for instance, Viagra, to cure ED if you haven’t consulted with your physician. Your doctor will tell you how to take medicine safe to minimize the risks.

  • Don’t worry about your heart

What does this mean? Well, some men may have a heart attack after having an orgasm. So if you have some heart disorders be careful while having sex.

The most important thing is to be active and fit, so you are able to easily cope with tense activities of all types.


For centuries, people used aphrodisiacs to improve sexual desire and satisfaction with no medical evidence to prove their effectiveness. Yet, today, some herbs are starting to show that they really are effective. Here are some aphrodisiacs you can use to improve your sexual health.

  • Coffee

It not only wakes you up in the morning, but it can also increase the level of dopamine. It is the neurotransmitter connected with satisfaction centres in the brain. It enhances sexual satisfaction by improving blood circulation, which is critical in achieving orgasm, as well.

  • Ginseng

Considered to be one of oldest aphrodisiacs, the root of ginseng has been proven to enhance male sexual function.

  • Ginkgo biloba

A lot of herbal practitioners use leaves of this herb for various effects. Including, improving blood flow. This may affect to enhance blood circulation in the penile area, which means it can help to overcome erectile dysfunction.